Happiness and Amazing Breath

I’m constantly being asked about my secret to awesomeness, and since I like most of you, I suppose I’ll share what I know.   Ever hear of the placebo effect? It’s this intere…

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Stay motivated

Really. If you can write, what can be easier for you than writing. Just take your ideas and put them on a paper.

However, it’s more complicated than one can see.

Day by day or night by night. Or both. You are doing your writing.

Writing is really fun at the beginning. Maybe, you are doing something wrong, but what are you doing is cool. Why not? I guess you have a lot of ideas and they are flowing on paper without any blocks.

You know what you are going to say and in what manner you are going to do that.

But then writing is going to be your routine. You have to do it. And there is a problem.

Because ideas that were fresh for the first are fading. Words are not good enough to express your thought. Fatigue. Boredom. Monotony of letters.

Very important in writing is stay motivated.


First you can do, change your activity.


Quit your writing and go outside.

Quit your writing and find yourself in music.

Quit your writing and leaving your desk for traveling.



Also you can try knitting, even you are a boy.

You should try something new.

The popular way to stay motivated nowadays is going to social media and visit pages devoted to writing skills, tips, some quotes. Read books of other authors…

To see how other people stay motivated.


Change your writing


Sounds weird. Including lots.

What you have to do?

Some authors prefer to give up one chapter and go straightly for another.


And than go back to the previous chapter.

I think it really works.


Another way of ‘change your writing’ is to stop writing one particular thing and to make a fortune with completely another. For example, if you are currently working on book, try to write an article or something like that. It’s sort of changing activity, but circled in writing.

And, finally, make a cup of tea or coffee. Or what you would love to drink right now.

The best way to think, to relax, to take some rest. Helpful, if you want to stay motivated, keep writing, be productive.




All the methods were tracking down by the ‘Adorable Garden’. Tasted and verified.

Stay motivated. Our life is adorable garden.

And Happy New Year!

Traveling in writing

The best thing you can do for yourself is traveling. Traveling around the world, around the continuent, around country.


Nothing better than fresh air of the sea or frozen wind at the top of the mountain. Traveling shows real freedom of nature. You can touch it. Feel. You are a part of it.

Breathe in. Breathe out.


Am I traveler? No. I am writer. That means I am traveler. But only in my mind.

Of course, I am traveling time to time, once or twice a year.

And it’s great. Never enough.

Let’s writing about traveling.


Sorry. No. Another time. Let’s traveling.


Author/Writer as a thief

Everybody knows the difference between two definition of human being addicted to pen or laptop: author and writer. If it is not, you can go to website archangelink.com and read something about difference between them. This adorable article http://archangelink.com/writer-versus-author/ is too good to add something more. I like outline of thought most of all:

Authors are self-oriented, while writers are service-oriented.”

Ok. Flowing with this, we are going to speak more about writers, than authors.


Writers as well as authors are involved in process in creation of art. Their works, probably, the first, which we got discovered in early childhood and reach all our life, even children’s songs were written before had performed. But writers, who are they?

First of all, I thought that they are

Reflectors of life

Everything, what happen in coeval epoch, they putting on a paper in their own manner, or they can describe another one, if they have learned a lot about it. In fact, one can prove it with directions of education that our colleages are uses, they are often mix history with linguistic or pedagogical science. In fact, I finished faculty of history and philology as theorist of philology. We have a plenty of historical lectures, so one can definitely to discuss significant events.

However, writers preferences focuses around their daily life, so they are assotiated as mirror of their time and this fact gives us opportunity to understand their epoch better. Good example, ‘Gone with the Wind’ written by Margaret Mitchell, which shed light on American Civil War.

However, if we are going to talk about writers in that way, we underestimate them. They are not chroniclers, but thives, thieves of epoch events, episodes and time. They do not only describe the reality, but also lay hands on it.

Thieves of someone’s ideas

‘Everything that was putting on the paper by my hand, was bearing in my mind, I had tried to speak things never be said and never repeat myself, to find new style of speaking, writing, making fiction. Yeah, I was complicated child. Of course, my ideas wasn’t new. They were growing under influence of parents, teachers, books. But I’d never guess, that I could just steal the idea, even the words that had been said.

My classmate acted that way and it was real shock to me, because she simply re-told our conversation in her composition. In that moment, I thought that it was plagiarism itself. I had started considering writers from a different angle (maybe, they just had smart friends, that gaves them ideas). And it was a good experience, I learned a lot of new things in writers’ biographies. Of course, I realized that my classmate not a writer, but I considered it like a model of real writing world. There was also a period, when I loathed fiction’.

Everytime thinkers

‘Although, I keep reading and writing. Within a time I change my mind, because I met writers, who formulated their own ideas in their own way. There was another type of writers at all. A type, which really congenial to me’. A type of whenever, wherever, ever and everywhere thinkers. They were more men of deeds (oxymoron, huh), nevertheless, that was expressed in words. This type needs editors more than others, however they hardly accept any variation of their product.

Of course, types of writers are unlimited. Sometimes one can find a pure type, but often all these types are mixed in one writer.

Remember, if it is reflector of life or even ideas thief, the writer always influenced by something, he is not objective, he gives this world something more than reflection, exposition or philosophy.

And this particular thought gives him a power, a right to say that his writing words are a book and sign it with his own signuture.

Keep thinking positive, our life is adorable garden.

Hello, everyone!

What is life for you? How often do you stop to think about it and capture the moment?

I don’t know anything about you. I really appreciate everything what you have: your background, your thoughts.

Now I want to tell you some words about my life philosophy. Recently, I have realized how perfect life can be, if you don’t thinking about future every moment (kind of thoughts was happen to me not so long ago). Maybe, it’s so cliché of me saying this, but we truly need to live right now and create our perfect moments.

Ok. What we can do for this creation? First,

Look into yourself

Who you are? What do you really need? Is there a job right for you? What to do, if it is not?

Lots of things are spinning around our career. Of course, how without this thing? All of us need money for exchange of goods, that we can’t produce, entertainments, that we can’t find. Sometimes, we are not happy with the job that we have, however we do it just for living. However, we continue to do this, because we’ve chosen this way before and can’t change it for now. Because this is not what this article is about and we are going to talk about hobby, something what we like to do and do it very well and what, for the first time, not distract us from making money, but makes our life better.


Find right hobby

All of us looking for perfect man or woman, if we didn’t already find them.The same happens with hobby, we have to find it, if we didn’t get it yet.

Here you can find the popular list of hobbies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_hobbies

See, how long is it? How did human mind just made it up?

Choose anything for you.

As for me, it is reading, writing and learning languages. I’m really find myself in writing. It is definitely who I am. I aren’t perfect in it, at all, but I always trying to do my best.


Don’t forget to relax

And, of course, how without this? No relaxing, no good work, no good at anything what you do. If you can’t afford to yourself traveling somewhere, just do some yoga or meditation in your own way or simply relax in your chair, forget about everything in the world and imagine your favorite things. And remember you are the happiest person in the world, if you are in the warm place, in front of your laptop or another electronical device with the Internet, with cup of tea or coffee.

And remember our life is Adorable Garden.